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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i think the over all effort by our city workers very, very strong. i want to now give new yorkers some reminders things that people should know, things people should do over the next few days. things are getting better, thank god we have a warmer day, we had a little bit of sunshine earlier that's going to help melting off some of the snow making it easier to clear. caution. still difficult driving conditions compared to normal. so i want people to assume they have to be careful. walking we need to get sidewalks clear some people going out in the streets i understand there may not be a choice, be very careful be very alert if you ever walk in the street have any option to not walk in the street stay on the sidewalk. we are going to start in a moment we'll talk about how we're going to push for those sidewalks to get cleared up better starting today. i want to remind everyone to
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if you have neighbors or senior citizens or disabled check on them see if they need anything. make sure that you are there for them. now here is the challenge i've been going all over the city talking to new yorkers about the challenge, i understand what everyone is worried about that got snow on their car, or on their sidewalk, where they are going to put the snow. what we want people this to think about is first with your car. don't think this is business as usual. it is not business as usual. it is an emergency. if you don't need your car leave your car where it is. we have canceled alternate side parking all the way up until saturday, if you don't need your car, just leave it. leave the snow on it. don't move the snow off it. let mother nature help you. it will be warmer, there will
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if you put the snow from your car back in the street and your street is not passable, sanitation can't keep up with that if every time and again people keep putting more snow from the side of the street in the middle of the street. this is a commonsense matter. we want everyone's street to be clear and passable for emergency vehicles and residents of those streets but even has a responsibility here. if you do not absolutely need to use your car, leave it where it is, do not shovel it out. things will in the next few days with the help of the weather we'll have some of the melting off of that snow that will make it easier, same with sidewalks you don't need to clear your whole sidewalk, we want people to clear 3 or 4 feet. enough that someone with a baby stroller could get through or someone in a wheelchair could get through, you do not need to clear it all. three or four feet will do. if you clear your sidewalk three or four feet there will be no fines. if people don't clear the sidewalks we'll start the
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because we've got to get those sidewalks clear, we have to get people to walk safely and not go into the street. again as you are clearing your sidewalk, i say this some of you evidence my snow shoveling skills firsthand if you're a homeowner clear that three or four footpath. put the snow off to the side don't throw it out in the street or you are just going to make it harder again on sanitation to keep up with all that they have to do. they are dealing with the most snow we've seen in a long, long time. help them out, everyone has a role to play in this. for anyone with health issues, please, we've now lost 5 people in the course of this storm who were snow shoveling. five deaths related to snow shovel that's a whole lot andvery, very sad, anyone who has a health problems, don't shovel.
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friend, a neighbor, pay a young person from your neighborhood, but do not shovel if you have a health situation that might compromise you. i want to emphasize businesses in particular, you have an obligation to shovel out enough of your sidewalks so people can pass even if it is a 3 or 4- foot wide area of the sidewalk, we'll be focusing today on businesses that aren't doing that, we will be applying fines to any business that does not shovel out. we have some businesses particularly we've seen unfortunately parking lots, gas stations where they've put a huge amount of snow out in the middle of the street. that is not acceptable. we are not going to stand for that that will definitely befines for any business actually making it worse on their neighbors by shoveling a lot of snow out in the street. i want to remind anyone again who is having problems with heat or hot water, we need you to call 311. if your building management is not dealing with your heat or
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to call 311 so we can get you help. i want to do a few words in spanish but emphasizing the most important messages alternate side parking canceled all the way to saturday, no reason to take your car out unless it is really urgent. think outside the box, mass transit is running. work with your friends and neighbors maybe you can carpool try not to use your car if you don't need it and in terms of school zones as we've said today, tomorrow if you are parked in front of the school where it says no standing school zone, you can leave your car there today and tomorrow we want to again not put a lot of snow in the middle of the street. we want people to leave their
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[ speaking in spanish ] [speaking foreign language] language]. i want to bring up two of my colleagues, first, working
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little our sanitation commissioner catherine garcia. he e-mails me at 2:00 in the morning. as the mayor said we have over wide today. we have over 900 pieces in queens but more importantly, we've moved over 170 front end loaders into queens. because some of those streets of plow is not affected. the snow is too deep and not enough room so we are literally going in dragging it out. queens is our first priority to make sure we have the small streets open and hauling operations which means we'll put the snow in dump trucks and take it away. some of that started in the other buroughs and we'll begin melting operations as well across the city. today our focus is on those closed streets piling and
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crosswalks and anywhere near a school. in addition to our sanitation workers, we have 920 snow laborers as the mayor mentioned. i do believe we are making streets. we still have more work to do and we are moving very quickly which is very slow. we have to use two front end loaders moving into inbound the street to take the snow out. i want to thank everyone for their patience as we continue to effort this storm. thank you very much. i want to bring up our transportation commissioner she has been doing a great job with their team getting at the different areas that we have to clear crosswalks and other areas of the city. we'll give you an update on the team she has put together to do that transportation commissioner. >> thank you mr. mayor. dot, i was actually fortunate to visit with a lot of my crews yesterday folks out with sanitation, brought new equipment to queens we're also
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and pedestrian over passes working with our contractor to clear all the bus stops. working with the bids and other groups around the community to clear our pedestrian plazas and our signal teams are out so far we've responded to 500 requests to fix signals and signs. the staten island ferry has continued to run and we're continuing to make progress. >> give them people on the street numbers how many people do you have ? i think i have 400 folks on the street now and we certainly, as the mayor had mentioned we could use more day labors if people want to pitch in on the snow clearing. i want to remind people again all the day laborers, $13.50 an hour after 40 hours work goes up to $20.25. it is a great opportunity. we need as many people as we can get as quickly as we can get to help us do that work. okay we're going to be taking questions on the topic of the storm first and then we are
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so let's start with questions related to the storm. talk about additional resources. we have been watching mayor deblasio's news conference on the clean up efforts after the first major snowstorm of the season at this hour several neighbors are still not plowed a viewer sent us this picture of a sanitation truck plow stuck on 147th street and 76th avenue in qgarden hills. 85th street in woodhaven untouched by plows. we have a team of reporters covering the post storm clean up let's begin with ilana gold leave in queens where people are waiting for the plows to dig them out, ilana. >> reporter: conditions out here the are not good we are standing on 97th street, this is a great example what so many of the streets look like in this neighborhood. check this out. these piles of snow are massive. it is difficult to walk on. i'm going to try not to fall
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piles absolutely impossible. so you can really understand why so many of the people are frustrated, they tell us they feel like the city completely forget about them and they want to know where the plows are. >> 97th street off of 55th avenue in queens still unrecognizable after saturday's blizzard. not plowed and buried under 2 feet of snow. >> it is bad, terrible. so terrible many homeowners are stranded. >> how mad are you? >> i couldn't even get to work so i have to call. moving cars are impossible. >> we are all stuck. i be here for the past 2 hours trying to move my car, i can't. >> all right! you did it! >> until our photographer greg came to the rescue. and try walking in this maneuvering around the snow not an easy task how late are you? >> like an hour late already.
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guess right? >> i know there is going to be a lot of kids late today. >> late this morning we saw city plows finally going through the neighborhood. the roads are so bad this crew had to dig themselves out. >> it is a difficult job not easy getting down these blocks. i'm going to see if i can move. residents are beyond frustrated with unplowed roads sending us pictures from college point, wood haven. saying some of the blocks are difficult to get to because they are narrows but will be plowed thoroughly. >> we've been having to go in with front end loaders and pull the snow out of the street to get them cleared. people just want this mess cleaned up. >> something needs to change quick. real quick. >> i can tell you this afternoon we've seen a lot more plows in this neighborhood.
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every single street and wants the public to be patient. ilana gold. cbs 2 news. the long island railroad hope to get 80% backup and running by 5:00 a.m. that did not happen. cbs news jennifer mc logan, where commuters are not having an easy day. very good afternoon, 6 of 12 branches are operating 70% of service, there will be delays the railroad tells us it did not expect over night refreezing on rail and tracks did its best to keep customers in the loop. >> what are the frustrations here this morning? just can't get to work obviously you see the trains are here no room to even get on. the lirr reported a dynamic morning fast changes others called it dangerous as thousands cramp together on
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through crowded doors into cars. just upsetting when you can't get to work when you have to be there. >> i have to go to my school, i cannot go there. >> eastbound trains going on the westbound platform. >> yeah this train has gone back and fourth three times and haven't even made an announcement yet. service was expected at 5:00 a.m. reminders of the paralyzing snowstorms, ice on the tracks, switches, third rail, under carriage. difficult conditions prevailed and soon lirr personnel passed along bleak news. >> they were going around giving the bad news. explained service would bepartial. commuters called taxi. >> three seats, three bodies. so we came over. >> you split the cost?
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are just hoping we get a train now. roads in mineola were impassable due to scores of passengers being dropped off. huntington commuters sat in the station waiting for hours for information. >> it is a joke, you know. they tell us 6:15 is coming then it is canceled. >> we're going, we're trying we're doing as best we can. >> if i miss this train i'll get the next one if i miss a couple hours hours my boss will understand. it feels they should have sut down sooner and hope to have the remaining lines tomorrow so all 12 branches are fully operating for the morning rush. cbs 2 news. it's been a around the clock effort, workers digging out of the historic snowfall, 700 flights were canceled.
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more than 12,000 flights have been canceled since friday. a gruesome discovery inhackensack as a body was found in the car covered with snow. parked in a lot of a burger king. witnesses say workers spotted the body no word on the identity of the deceased. many students in new jersey are getting a couple of days off as counties struggle with snow removal. vanessa murdock has the story from montclair. a normally bustling and noisy school front sits all quiet. hill side elementary school one of hundreds of schools across new jersey that did the same today. tackling the monumental task of cleaning up after saturday's blizzard couldn't be completed in time for the morning bell. we went in search of parents and kids on this snow day found a couple playing in the snow but the masses were sledding down mountainside park. >> when did you find out school was canceled? >> last night.
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>> i cried. oh, no. >> and threw myself on the floor because it's been a long weekend. >> mom said she wanted to cry how did you feel? >> me and my brother started screaming and dancing. >> for schoolteacher, this was a much needed day of down time. >> we work for the school did they make the right choice in calling it quits for today? >> i think so, it was a lot of snow yesterday so everybody is probably tired. i am tired. but the kids don't seem so tuckered out. well at least not on the way down. after a long weekend of snow coverage i decided to give the snow pack a try too with the fog brothers, first up, colin. >> tell me the best part about this hill? >> very bumpy. >> we opted for the backwards slide. >> what's the best part about the snow? going backwards? >> you get to play in it and have snow fights and snowball fights. i actually do child care, i
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>> says this is the perfect pass time on such a beautiful winter day. obviously many feel the same whether they are happy the kids stay home from school or not. from montclair new jersey, cbs 2 news. we have much more coming up here on cbs 2 news at noon, a look at john elliot's forecast
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that's next. . now to a frightening attack on the subway, a woman is
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6 train, it is new at noon, steve is live on the east side with more. steve what are the details here. >> reporter: 71-year-old woman on a downtown six train at bleaker street about 7:15 this morning is suddenly attacked by a young man on the train, she is slashed on the left side of her face, she is brought here to belleview hospital for stitches. a police source says the attack appears unrevoked, a male is believed to have escaped on a northbound d train. the victim still believed to be here at belleview. again, a 71-year-old woman on a subway train this morning. the 6 train downtown slashed across the face, apparently an unprovoked attack. live at belleview. steve langford, cbs 2 news. steve thank you. opening statements underway in
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officer accused in the shooting of an unarm man. peter charged with manslaughter in the death of 28-year-old gurley. and investigators say he fired a single shot into a dark stairwell, the bullet bounced off a wall striking gurley. the officer's attorney said it was an accident.
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coming up, next. . closed captioning brought to you by goya. it has to be good.
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the cbs 2 weather team, expect more. made a little bit of sunshine today, at least the temperatures warmed up we'll get the very latest from john elliot. the mayor is right over the next few days the numbers will edge up a little bit, oh, we have still so much shoveling to do, in fact proof of that weather watchers. numbers a little warmer today 5 to 8 degrees, i just want to dive into some great pictures. first off i like this from george it is a heated birdbath. and if you have a small dog and big drifts, that could be a problem. watch out for dangerous icicles thanks to that reminder. i like this from kathy, these drifts are taller than her of course there is probably a buick under there as well. and then look at this. you can see the imprint of the door this is lori's front door. talk about a challenge you have to dig out before you can even get out. outside right now. we've got a few clouds filling in.
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numbers not too bad. we are shooting for 37 close to normal sunsets at 5:04. there will be a mix of sun and clouds, more clouds, brighter into west chester putnam, duchess and parts of the island. i want to take a quick radar trip. this will turn into wet weather as we see warmer temperatures for your day tomorrow. but then again there is that chance of rain late tuesday into wednesday over night tonight, yeah there is a chance for more refreezing, and tomorrow look at that pair of 4's but that chance of rain folks already talking about a potential system, it is late thursday into early friday most models push south but we'll be watching that. that would really be your next chance for snow. this thing is at least tuesday into wednesday. could be a little bit of mixed presip north and west. those numbers are the nicest and warmest of the week before we wait and watch those western and southern skies to see what's rolling our way on friday.
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all the commonsense stuff clear away the dryer vent and take something for your sore neck. >> i know we all have that right? we could use the warmer temperatures. all righton thank you. coming up on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00, the storm may have brought pedestrians out to time's square but shut down broadway shows, people from hamilton the bruce springsting could be out of luck. and what maneuvering around could do to your health we have important advice for you. that's beginning at 5:00. that's it for us at noon for john and the entire cbs 2 news
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